How Reliable is the Fax function

Maybe it sounds stupid but may i know if anyone out there had used the fax function before? I heard some pretty bad feedback reagrding htis function. I may need to use this function so i would like to know to setup the fax function at its best performance.

not very. You plan on getting many faxes? Might as well get a plain paper fax for $30 if not. If you are you could just get a service. They give away non local area codes for free.

fax reliability depends on many factors. If you have pri lines coming in with decent hardware, you can get very high reliability - there are a lot of people who do this and receive many faxes. If you are trying to do the same over a voip connection and/or crapy hardware and cards you will probably have less than ideal reliability.

Do you believe that it would work any better with a 4 port analog digium card?

See we have a 8 lines via voip. Dont really need a digital line.


We are using PRI line over here with a quite decent server and a TE 120P Digium card, is it good enough? I heard the Hylafax is good in handling fax function so may i know if its an add-on for the TB? We are planning to replace the Fax in our office for Asterisk Fax as it would be easier to receive and send faxes over the e-mail.

Thanks a lot