How queued users can listen the current conversation with the agent?

Hi, I have 4 customers who need to speak with expert on the phone but that expert is already in call with a customer. So the 4 customers need to go in queue but they don’t want to listen a stupid waiting music, they want to listen the conversation between the expert and the first customer. So how can do that with Asterisk / FreePBX ? Thanks in advance for your answers.

This seems like a bad idea… I am sure there is all sorts of things that would make this not turn out well for anyone…

A better bet maybe would be to take call monitors with all users permission that are hand selected and meet some level of quality. Strip out silence and put those recordings as MOH…

Better may be sound bytes mixed with music.

Hi jfinstrom, first, thanks for your quick answer but I don’t ask if it’s a good idea or not but I ask how to do that thing.

People typically don’t spend time on things that are bad ideas.

This cannot be done out of the box. It would require custom development.

You may find the following helpful

Thanks for your reply but these links are just for the music on hold on asterisk…

I think your math is suspect at the word “all”, however if you digest everything starting at:-

You will find all James’ references and also be able to do what you want to, ill-advised by most as that would be.

One possible solution would be to use a FastAGI on your queues and listen to that instead of MOH for later members.

Pretend it is audio on hold… note there is no hard fast rule it has to be music, just the common use… for 99.999999999987% of users