How pickup a call (** and *8 don't work)


I have 4 phones connecting on my trixbox.
And I try to pickup a call when a phone ring and there is nobody.

All my phone have an extension (100,101,102,103) but they haven’t group ring.
When a call ring on phone 100, I try on phone 102 to dial **100 or *8100 but I have respectivly “callended” or “dial00”.
In features codes, callpickup is actived.

Do you know how to pickup a call?


I am not an expert, but my understanding is *8 will pick up a ringing line only in the same pickupgroup.
So go to Extensions, and set each Extension’s “pickupgroup” box to the same number, i.e. set them all to 1.
And dial *8 only, not *8100

Also, you need to set the Dialplan in each phone or ATA to allow dialing the *8, otherwise the phone or ATA will not pass that over to Asterisk.