How Much Support would be needed - Aproximate

I hope this is posted in the correct forum. We have an old Freepbx system installed and running and we are finding that some setups were not done correctly. We have setup a new Freepbx server and are going to use SIP Station for Our Trunks.

My question is that I need to backup and restore all the settings from the old system to the new system. (recordings extensions and mac addresses everything.) How much support time should this take as we are a non profit Church/school. Should I purchase a 1 hour or a 5 hour Support time.

Thanks for any help or suggestions


Bob Rozanski

Bob, much depends on several variables such as number of extensions, system set up, etc.

If it is a smaller system with around 10 users? Normally 1 hour should be enough. If you want, you can call us and I would be happy to hear more about your system and perhaps give you a bit more clarity on what it would take.

Thank you for your continued support of FreePBX!