How much of a PITA are Ciscos phones with freepbx?

I like Yealink’s phones and will probably go with them on an upcoming project, but I do have an opportunity to buy some cut-rate Cisco phones. From a setup and management POV are these always going to be a PITA because they don’t integrated well with asterisk and SIP based systems? I don’t want to buy these and then kick myself for going this route later. We’re looking at about 100 phones so central management and quick setup is important.

You don’t mention what model Cisco phones. The enterprise phones can be a challenge to work with, I’m not sure about the SPA’s.

I have, have installed and use 5060, 5061 and some ATAs. They can be a challange to get working as you want them too, there is also many configuration files you need. Along with the “LOAD” (Firmware) for each type of phone, ring tones if required, dial plans for the phones and so forth.

Once setup, they work flawless. I use them at home with an ATA 186 for caller ID on my TVs, been using them for years and was thinking of upgrading the phones to a higher model.

The only thing you have to watch, is if you use the end point manager. I used to set my config files manually, but the endpoint manager can do that for you, I was not aware of this at the time and it kept defaulting out my config files. Use the endpoint manager and set the defaults to how you want them, and there you go.

I presume the phones you have will already be converted to SIP and not using the SSCP? As asked above, what’s the models of the phones.?

I like the Cisco SPA series, work well, nice features w/BLF, no issues.
Older phones have some restrictions but work, they are not flaky etc.

I’m just about finished with an SCCP_Manager module for FreePBX to allow a less chalenging experience for the Cisco phones in SCCP mode and using chan-sccp-b.

It isn’t EPM, but it manages the phones, the lines, softkeysets, and the SEP(mac).cnf.xml files. Combined with the changes I submitted for page.asteriskinfo.php, the phones really are very simple to install and manage.

8841 specifically. Not really interested in the SPA’s.

That model is not supported in the commercial endpoint manager, I’m not sure about the OSS endpoint manager as I do not use it. If not than you would need to manually configure the phones to connect to the PBX.