How Many Queues?

What’s the highest number of queues/agents you’ve seen on a FreePBX box? We have about 200 queues on an Avaya platform and am interested in seeing if this is possible to do in FreePBX instead of pure Asterisk.

What do you guys think?

It’s not going to be as simple as that. It will depend on the number of agents per queue, whether you share agents between queues, and whether you use different weightings for queue.s

Weights are the same, up to 120 of the queues overlap with the same pool of agents.

The amount if agents/queues is not necessarily the point here.

CPS, concurrent calls, NOTIFYs etc etc etc. That’s what matters.

Probably about 500 concurrent max, could be across all 200 queues at once. This would be 98% inbound calls.

Can you elaborate on this? CPS is an outbound metric, so unless these are outbound queues that’s not really a factor. NOTIFY’s only happen if there is someone subscribed to the queue’s BLF or if BLF is being used on the agents. Queues aren’t throwing out NOTIFY’s for much else.

FreePBX should be able to handle it, assuming you have a server with a ton of resources.

With that being said, I would build a cluster rather than having all calls on a single server.

See example: Recommendations for 30 offices & 500 users - #2 by PitzKey

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CPS (Calls per second) is indeed a session limit, normally for outbound calls. I meant the idea of having multiple INVITEs (call setups) per second. For example, if you have a queue with 100 agents that has a ring-all strategy and every agent has 10 phones that are monitoring their hint. Then this server is going to have a hard time surviving a lot of incoming calls.

We have no idea of the resources on this system. It’s a bit premature to determine what the system can and cannot handle at this point. It would also be weird that 10 phones would be monitoring a queue agent via their extension directly which would result in all 10 phones getting BLF to perform a call pickup on every call. That would probably drive some crazy with the amount of calls for other agents hitting their phone. Specially if those 10 phones are monitoring multiple agents who are getting that call at the same time.

So is that the scenario you are painting here? 100 agents with 10 phones monitoring every agent? Is it one agent monitored per phone? A 1:10 ration seems like there are a lot of phones. If this is multiple agents being monitored on the same phone, that user wants the same call being lit up on their screens for each agent? Are they going to pickup the call? Usually in this scenario they are monitoring the agents logged into the queue as in “Yup, I see Jane is logged in” not that “I get every call Jane gets too in case I want to pick it up”.

So in this scenario you have 100 agents each having a hint on 10 phones a piece getting ringing/inuse use notifies for calls? That would be a lot of NOTIFYs and a helluva lot of phones in a 1:10 ratio.

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