How Many Concurrent AMI Calls Can I Make?

Possibly someone has already asked the question but I cannot seem to find the right information in the forums. I need to know how many calls I can make to the Asterisk 13 AMI over telnet. I know that I should log out after each call. The question is how many connections it can handle.

Here is a scenario: Say I have 10 different AMI username/passwords (under Asterisk Manager Users). If ALL 10 users start calling AMI all at the same time to for example originate calls, can it handle? Assume each user uses a different trunk/route etc.

A quick look at Google in 2011 someone said 200
What are you diing? Would ARI be a better option?

Thanks jfinstorm for quick answer. well it is sort of a click-to-call from a program. Perfect 200 is way beyond what I need! At most I would have 5 or 6 users pressing the click-to-call at the same time…
I have no experience with ARI though …

I know from experience and practice that 50 at a time is not a problem.

You don’t need to do this.

doesn’t Asterisk keep the socket open for 30 secs by default?

The AMI connection is kept open as long as you want and you can send multiple events down it.

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I believe it will close the connection by itself after a prolonged period of inactivity. I saw this when left overnight.if you occasionally send something I imagine it should be ok.

Action: Ping
Parameters: None


Response: Pong

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