How many calls can I record similtaneously?

I set the “Call Recording” to “Force” on the Ring Group confirmation page.
Can you please tell me, how many calls will the system be able to record at the same time?

Thank you!

That would depend on “The System” , the better your box is “dimensioned” the more you can do.

As Dicko told it’s system dependent, but there are also some tricks to maximize on each box like Linux configs and using SSD hard drives

Indeed, if you doing hundreds at once then disk io might become a constraint, if so have asterisk spool the recordings through a memory based directory.

Interrupts and disk accesses are both limiting factors. I have a couple of systems that use Rhino DAHDI cards (they are really interrupt intensive hardware) and I can record 50 calls at a time with all of that going on.

So currently the software (Distro) is not limiting the call recordings?
I remember that few years ago, with PiAF Purple, I could only record one call at a time.

That doesn’t jibe with my experience, and I used Purple for a Call Center implementation that needed call recording.

Sorry, I’m not sure I understand what you mean by “That’s does jibe”.

[quote=“v4704, post:8, topic:41997”]
“That’s does jibe”
[/quote]Typo fixed. I used Purple for my first couple of Call Center installs and never had any trouble recording all the calls I wanted. I was a PIAF guy from the earliest days (I liked having the extras).