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How is the ringing process followed

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Good day

Maybe some one can help me with a question. We ar eon asterisk free pbx 13 and I trying to under stand how ringing process works as there are multiple places to change how long a phone will ring on incoming call. Here is our setup

  1. There is a system default ring time.
  2. There is a ring group ring time
  3. There is an extension ring time.

How do I know which one take precedence over the other?

(Itzik) #2

Assuming you are referring to the setting in advanced settings, that sets the “default ring time” for each extension.

This is the time for a call coming through a ring group.

This is the ring time when someone calls that extension direct. By default it uses the time specified in advanced settings you mentioned first.

So again, if a call comes in through the ring group it will follow the ring group ring time.

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