How in V13 - separate Fax Number and Phone Number for single user

In old version 11 of Freepbx, I could easily add both a phone number, and a different fax number, via 2 separate extensions, and have a single user with both a phone line, and a separate fax line. In V13, I am not sure how to do this, since everything seems user oriented, not really extension oriented.

Can someone please point me to any doc on how to set this up in V13, so a single user can support a separate DID for phone, and a different DID for Fax?


Inbound Routes, DID 1 goes to extension, DID 2 goes to Fax Recipient.

Understand that, but how do I set this up in User Management, so it works correctly in UCP / Fax Pro ? Must I re-enter all the info again in the fax page of the User Management screen? Is there no way to select that fax inbound route?