How i configure 2 protocols (sip & iax2) to same extension?

I installed Asterisknow 1.5.
It’s come with freepbx
I want configure extension work with protocol Sip and Iax2.
When i go to configure new extension i must choose Sip or iax2.
How i configure 2 protocols (sip & iax2) to same extension?

you don’t. However, you can configure two devices and attach the same ‘user’ (extension) to both those devices. To do this, you need to switch FreePBX into deviceanduser mode.

You do this in amportal.conf by setting:


Thanks for answear.

I change AMPEXTENSIONS=deviceanduser in amportal.conf.
I have Sip device 6002, I configure another device Iax2 6004.
How I attach the same extension to both device ?


the device gui screen let’s you connect the device to which ever user you want.

I just want to understand how it’s work.
I configure sip device and give him X password,
then i configure iax device and give him Y password.
I connect the same extension to sip and iax device.
When i connect with sip, i give extension and X password,
and when i connect with iax i give the same extension and Y password.
Because i have same extension, i get calls in iax and sip phones together.
I understand right ?
Can i give the same password to iax and sip device ?

Thanks a lot.

I would suggest you just try it out and start playing with it a bit. The devices are completely independent, you can give them what ever password, same or different, that you want. They are both associated with one user, so when you call from the devices it will use the user’s cid or extension, when you call to that extension it will ring both devices. That is all there is to it.