How exactly FreePBX works

I’ve searched and even briefly scanned the source code in trunk.

Does FreePBX just modify conf files and do a reload, or, does it use Asterisk Realtime, or, does it use the astman interface?

For example, if I add an extension in FreePBX, does it add it to extensions.conf and perform a reload of asterisk? Or, is it dynamically creating the extension in Asterisk using Realtime, or the asterisk manager interface?

Or, does it do none of the above?

I’m developing an asterisk application and want to follow FreePBX in it’s implementation. I am also considering making it a FreePBX module as well. I’m curious to see how FreePBX is handling this.


It also uses Asterisk Manager…to a degree. It does no realtime

FreePBX writes everything to a database tables. Then when you run the Apply Config from the GUI it takes everything in the database, writes out .conf files and reloads asterisk.