How does Voicemail Notify Select Outbound Route?

I have commercial Voicemail Notify and Outbound Routes enabled. When I setup a Voicemail Notification, the calls to notification recipients go out the general route instead of the route the voicemail extension is restricted to. Is there a way to force the notification calls out the extension’s route?

FreePBX 10.13.66-22 Voicemail Notifications13.0.22.2 Extension Routes13.0.10.7

IIRC, VM Notify is done through the normal network e-mail routing, so unless you can set up the routes in your Premise Border Router, I’d guess not.

How does email routing effect call routing?

It doesn’t, but when I’ve used VM Notify in the past, it was done as an email message, so whatever path you use for email is how the notification is going to be handled. The “pager” option might use a call path, but I don’t think so.

I’m using the commercial VMNotify that makes an outbound call when a voicemail comes in. It works great. It will call a gourp of tech’s when a support voicemail is left, either as a group or in a follow-me like hierarchy. I also have Extension Routes, so I thought I could force the calls out the route the VM extension is restricted to, but I must have some wire connected wrong …

No it does not use the VMs extension logic for routing. It just routes to first match. It’s a good idea and something a feature request should be opened for.

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