How does vage 200 gateway connect two FreePBX


I want to know vage 200G gateway equipment connect two FreePBX

If so, how should I configure it?

Thank you!

You mean a Vega 200G?

You wouldn’t use that to connect two Freepbx machines. For that you would configure a sip trunk on each side.

Is a vage 200,Thank you for your help.

Vage 200G Gateway returns 0 Google search results, so I doubt that a lot people know what that device is.
At least I don’t, maybe others do.

Sorry, vage200G

Are you trying to connect a Vega 200g to a FreePBX server?

Yes, use a vage 200G gateway to connect two FreePBX
Do you know how to do it?

You can start here. Take a look at the documentation and ask specific questions if you have any specific problem


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