How does Queue Toggle module work?

alauppe, try to check for new updates now to see if you get the updated module.


The upgrade showed up - - and works like a charm.

ffenton - if you’re following along, upgrading your module(s) shouldn’t have any adverse effects. In fact, if should set you up using the right variables.

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This is working now, AMPUSER is spelled correctly and the agents login correctly. Thanks to all for a great product.

I think this bug has resurfaced in 2.9. the *45 code seems to enable the queue but when the button is pressed again, it tries to enable the queue again.

file a bug then :slight_smile:

I have tried the settings above with no luck. We have Freepbx core with Asterisk

I am most likely missing something. In the Asterisk cli I set the sip debug on. When I try to login to a queue through the 45extqueue command I get “SIP/2.0 404 Not Found”

I am a newbie on this. There is probably a small detail somwere that I overlooked.


Yupp, there was one small tiny little thing I forgot. I forgot to check the box with “Generate Device Hints”. So now I will go to the “corner of shame” and stand there for a while.


well to be fair, that was just added in 2.8.

Checking that can generate an enormous number of hints on systems that have a lot of queues and a lot of extensions, so we added that so that you can control which queues generated the hints to cut down since some big systems were being dragged down when they did not need to be.

I’m trying to follow the directions given by Mikael earlier, but am having problems. In the advanced settings, I set “Enable custom device states” and click the checkmark to save it and reload, but upon reloading the webpage, it’s gone back to false. I can see in the freepbx.log that it did change it (“Advanced Settings changed freepbx_conf setting: [USEDEVSTATE] => [1]”) but it’s not persisting the change.

Also, I can’t find any checkbox for the queue to “Generate device hints”. Is this removed in 2.9?

I’m running the latest (, and queues Any suggestions? Or is this a bug?