How Does One Migrate the CDR Database?

Hello! I am running an older FreePBX (v12.0.19, Asterisk v13.0.2) in a virtual machine and have setup a new VM with the current FreePBX (v14.0.1.1, Asterisk v13.17.0).

I’d greatly prefer to migrate the old CDR database onto the new setup, right before I go live with it (and so do by way of copying the database files, instead of exporting/importing, etc).

I’m wondering if there is something like:
copy C:\FreePBX.12\data\CDR.dbf C:\FreePBX.14\data*.*
that’ll do this?

(I’ll translate to SCP as necessary ; )

Cheers & thanks for any leads!

All the files are in


first do on old annew

mysql -u user -ppassword asteriskcdrdb -e ‘describe cdr;describe cel’ >oldstructure|newstructure
put the two fiiles in the sae directory and then

diff oldstructure newstructure

to make sure they have the same structure. If the are the same you can copy the directory but stop mysql before doing the copy, but what is wrong with mysqldump asteriskcdrdb > save then copy and mysqlimport -u user -ppassword save ?

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I would look at incremental dumps depending on size

Nah - fire and forget. Start it on Friday and let it run all weekend - or all week. It’s not “anything-intensive” enough worry about it getting in the way.

Another hint - create the database structures first (as part of the install) and use the options to NOT delete and recreate the database tables on the mysqldump.

If you have installed


you will have a whole sh*t load of useful utilities all with man support,

mysql(tab key)

look into mysqldbexport/mysqlimport and the “type” qualifier, you will have all the tools you could use with mysql and probably mariadb (untested as yet)

Performing the indicated dbf struct comparision leads to a brick
wall - a summary of the impediments is as follows:

– CDR changes –

  • fields uniqueid and did become MUL keys
  • fields *_cnum, *_cnam expand from 40 chr to 80
  • 3 new fields added
    – CEL changes –
  • field context becomes MUL key
  • fields src, dst, channel, dstchannel disappeared
  • field extra/512 replaced with eventextra/256 and userfield/256

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Sort of surprising to me that given the maturity of both PBX
tech and *, that such underpinnings as CDR & the like
haven’t solidified in their layouts. #FirstWorldProblems

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Ok, so I’ll look into the idea of importing the data - most of
the fields are the same and if it goes to stink I can just
zero out CDR & cel.

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Yeah, my first appempts at exporting & importing didn’t go well. Seems
that I need to specify the table into which I wish to import the data,
not just the whole database.

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I start to go looking for logfiles for what mysql are up to but
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I forge onward, and do the import with results like:

  • 75 records imported
  • 1979 warnings
    (for a home-PBX system that’s been running for 5 years -
    far too few legit records imported.)

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Again, so very surprising given that I would have predicted that
many peeps would want to import their old CDR into a newly-setup
system. Unless they’re all doing incremental, in-place upgrading.

Anyway, that’s my journey - better luck to others who might follow.

And thanks dicko for the leads - it at least took me into 'discovering’
mysql, right in my own backyard.

When doing the mysqldump to import, are there any issues with the mismatched structures? Importing doesn’t do much good if half of the data is lost or never displayed anyway.