How do you want to hear about GUI Problems?

(Greg Snover) #1

I have set up two instances of Device And User for customers in the last couple of weeks - before anybody jumps in and says “Device And User Is Unsupported” - I know! Really.

But are you interested in hearing about GUI inconsistencies and how do you want me to tell you all - Bug Report? Post Here?

Just curious.

(Lorne Gaetz) #2

Here is the place to stimulate discussion.

(Simon Telephonics) #3

Device and User Mode could use some community love anyway!

(Andrew) #4

Yeah Device and User GUI differences are interesting. From what I’ve used it’s definitely workable, like when editing a User it doesn’t have the floating pull-out menu on the right. And you can always access the regular extensions if applicable in your use case by typing in ?display=extensions at the end of your url.

(Greg Snover) #5

Ok - They are not big deals but I think they should be easy to fix:

  1. User - Once you click on a User, there is no way to get back to the Users other than through Applications -> Users - Devices and Extensions (when not in D&U) both let you select a different Device/Extension from the same pane - not User. You have to click-out.

  2. User - You can set it to display all the extensions a million times, but the next time you go in (see above) it is reset to display only 10.

  3. User Management - Same thing - select Display All and it always defaults back to display 10.

Little things I know, but inconsistent.

(TheJames) #6

For the pullout case “users” just needs to be added here…

(Dave Burgess) #7

Sounds like Ticket Time…