How do you separate one line from Dahdi from the rest?

How does one separate one line off the Dahdi card for a seperate ivr?

Are you talking about one FXO channel, or one channel on a T1/PRI?

FXO channel.

DAHDI Channel DIDs

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but how do i take that line and channel for my use case that guide is like somewhat not great on the helpful scale

You’re going to have to me a lot more specific about what you are trying to do, and explain how the document is not clear.

I don’t know what “helpful” scale you are working from, but it’s been a very useful document for me.

If I’m understanding you correctly, you want to direct an incoming call on a specific analog line to a specific IVR? If that’s the case, use DAHDI DIDs configuration. If you want to separate the line for outgoing calls, then create another group in DAHDI configuration and assign the port you want to separate to that new group and use the group accordingly.

Once you’ve assigned DIDs to your DAHDI channels, then you can create inbound routes for the DID and direct calls to whatever destination you want, including an IVR.

cynjut - it is a good document but to the question i proposed it wasn’t overly helpful.

arielgrin - you got it the idea of what i am trying to do

Igaetz - thank you i was confused as to how to get that one line to go to that ivr.

I have had to only setup a round robin situation type ivr so this was a special case.

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