How do you install

How do u install this module if its not .tar???

Modules do not have to be tar. They can be any format including zip from github

But anyways this module is in the online repository. Select unsupported and then check online and it’ll show up

thank You Andrew, sometimes easy staff is hard … :slight_smile: I switch from Elastix to FreePBX so all is different.

I am setting up my testing machine for use with Net2Phone and probably 20 -30 extensions. I will look for click2call from any website (browser) would be helpful. There was one plugin for Elastix license about $20 for unlimited usage and wonder if there is anything similar for FreePbx.

Thank you, -Adam

Click to call is provided by Zulu, and a free two user trial is available.

thank you, I have just gotten invoice so I guess I have to wait till they send me a download link & year license - correct?

No it’s all instant if you placed the order and paid with CC it’s all done. Just go update your license in system admin module under activation.


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Expiration Date 2019-10-04

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how now I can install them on two desktops? I need installation file

Have you looked at the documentation.

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