How do you display name of the extension being called on the originators phone?

For extension to extension calls, I am trying to have the name and extension number of the person being called displayed on originators phone. I was thinking that the phone book or the cid would make it possible, but so far I have not found a way. Does anyone know is this is possible? If so, any guidance would be greatly appreciated. I am new to the FreePBX world so please try to forgive my lack of knowledge.

thanks in advance,

Polycom 550 phones

This feature is in Asterisk 1.8. It supports full RPID. Several backports exists to previous Asterisk releases, I have at least 50 hours trying to patch 1.4 without any success.

This is the most often requested feature from my users. The Aastra phones got around this issue with an XML script that is vendor specific.

If you are adventurous download the latest Asterisk 1.8 release candidate and give it a try. You must enable send RPID in the general and extension settings (not support at this time via FreePBX GUI).