How do you create a total system backup?

I’m trying to create a backup unit in case our primary fails, especially since we’ve had some stuttering we can’t get rid of and the experts think it might be hardware related.

So we want to use our old system as a backup unit. It used to run Trixbox perfectly.

This is a 4 CPU IBM 3.2Ghz machine with 4GB RAM. I downloaded the 32 bit Stable-1.813.210.58 from the website dated 6/8/12 this morning and installed it on the backup unit. I have located that machine on it’s own router so I can use the same IP address as my production unit to make it easier to swap out if the first one fails. The installation went fine and I have an unconfigured system up and runninng.

My “old” system is installed from an older Distro ISO then updated via the GUI. It’s running

I can’t help but notice these two systems are pretty different. Suprising since the updates have been done on both units. I would have guessed they’d be alike, but they aren’t.

Is there a way to take the backup file from the “old” unit and restore it to the newer unit? Would sure save a lot of manual entries/mistakes.

I attempted to restore one of the backup files but after I browse to the file there’s a bit of a wait then nothing seems to happen at all.