How do you change EPM phone settings?

Using freepbx distro 3.211.63-7.

I set up some ploycom 650’s using the epm and need to change the dialplan.digitmap, set them all to auto answer and propagate it to all the 650’s. The rebuild config and reboot function don’t work so I’ve deleted the phone, re-add it, reboot manually but the changes that I make in sip.cfg never show up. Not sure what I am doing wrong. Thanks for any tips!

Which EPM are you referring to?

assuming you are using the open source EPM you can edit the digit map by going into the endpoint template manager, clicking on the pencil icon next to the phone in question and then click on the general tab. be sure to click save template. this will update the mac_reg.cfg file for the phone.

obviously if you have a large number of phones this option is not ideal as it is time consuming

as a data point, the order of the files in the mac.cfg file determines which settings are used in the phone. the priority order is left to right. so for example the dial plan in the mac_reg.cfg overrides the dial plan found in the sip.cfg file.

Didn’t realize there was more than one till a little while ago. But i am using the one that is there by default after a distro install.


The mac.cfg in /var/www/html/admin/modules/_ep_phone_modules/endpoint/polycom/spipm/ ? I see nothing like a list of files in that file.

Ok… I think I see… but from where is the mac.cfg file generated from?


anyone know where the digitmap comes from?