How do I update from FreePBX 2.11 to 13?

Hello folks.

I’m running an installation of IncrediblePBX, which is currently running asterisk 11.11 and FreePBX 2.11.

I want to run asterisk version 13 so I can use the new google voice SIP code. What are my options for upgrading? I assume I can’t just upgrade asterisk. Can I just upgrade FreePBX, or do I need to upgrade all of IncrediblePBX? If the former, could somebody please point me at upgrade instructions?


You would need to talk with the PIAF team as they have their own upgrade systems.

AFAIK your upgrade options with that distro are very limited. If you want to migrate your settings to the FreePBX distro (that can be upgraded), there’s a tool for that:

Though the FreePBX Distro will not support recompiling Asterisk for GV SIP.

Thanks for the info Lorne. However, the reason I need to upgrade is so that I can run the new GV SIP code.

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