How do i transfer an external call to another office extension within the same premises

please i will need help on how i can configure the freePBX to transfer an external call to another extension within the same office.

No configuration is required. Transfer is a built in function.

Back in 2005 I created a bunch of “Asterisk Cheat Sheets” for my users. Here is an excerpt dealing call transfer…

In our new Asterisk phone system, there are several ways of transferring calls, but first, a few definitions:

Blind Transfer – An immediate transfer. The party being transferred is sent immediately to the target extension. The user performing the transfer does not have the chance to announce the caller to the user at the target extension.

Attended Transfer - Transferring user announces the caller to the target user.

To perform a Blind simply press”##” or the key followed by the target extension number and sometimes another “#”. Just check it out to see what works best on your phone.

To perform an Attended transfer, press *2 followed by the target extension number, announce the call, then hang up.