How do I stop Yealink T38 and T46 remote extensions de-registering and staying Not Registered every day

This is the exact issue I am having How do I stop Yealink T28 remote extensions de-registering and staying Not Registered every day

It is running over a site-to-site vpn IPSec bound at the gateways.

If I reboot the phone it will register. If I force it to re-gregister and don’t reboot it, I never even see the attempts hit the asterisk log. It must be on the phone side, but why won’t it re-register. Has anyone else seen this behavior? Since 2011 Lol

For kicks I am going to try the “Subscribe Register = Enabled” and set the “Subscribe Period (seconds) = 120”. I’m going to do this on one Ext only at the remote office so the rest are control subjects. I’ll report back if I notice a difference, or if anyone else has info before that please chime in.

I have pcap files for a working remote registration and non working remote registration. I see my phone send a Register packet but there is no response at all. If I reboot this phone I suspect it will re-register. Only thing of note i saw different between them is the Register from the good phone came over 5062 the Register that never made it was over 5063?

TESTED* Reboot phone and registered immediatly

We had a brief internet interruption at our HQ and this caused the phones at the remote office to DE-register. Now they won’t register again. At least I know the trigger to the issue, but I don’t understand why they won’t pick back up and go again.