How do I stay connected to SIP Trunk but not try register to it as a registrar?

I was evaluating multiple PSTN trunks such as DIDLogic, Twilio, and Plivo. I set up all three and they all function for making calls (I gave each one a different outbound caller ID and dragged them around in FreePBX to confirm I was going out over each).

Even though they all work fine, I was seeing the following error in FreePBX:

I asked Twilio why they would say “rejected” even though DIDLogic says “registered”, and all trunks are working fine. They said it is because unlike DIDLogic, Twilio is not a SIP Registrar, and that I should consult this page: Configuring Outbound Registrations - Asterisk Project - Asterisk Project Wiki

I guess what I should do is just tell FreePBX to continue to use Twilio and Plivo normally, but not to attempt to register with them as registrars. Reading through that guide, I still don’t understand what I should adjust in FreePBX and what the differences are. If anyone could illuminate me on what’s going on I’d appreciate it. It seems like I might just want to adjust the registration toggle in the Trunk PJSIP settings, but the drop-down is warning against setting it to none: