How do I setup multiple IVRs based upon different extensions being are called?

Hi there all.

Since I am yet to come across any examples on the internet for what I need to accomplish, I thought I’ll post my question here.

Our existing voicemail system is also the auto-attendant/IVR. This system triggers different IVRs based on which telephone number is being called. I am sure the same can be done on Asterisk/FreePBX, but I don’t know how to do it. I will explain further below:

Suppose I have three different companies/organization within the same building sharing the same telephone system. So, if someone calls 800-call-unit1 (or a local toll number), the IVR for company X triggers, whereas if I call 800-CALL-UNIT2, the IVR for company Y answers, yet when 800-CALL-UNIT3 is dialed, you get the IVR for company Z.

How can I set this up in FreePBX? Thanks for all your answers.

Towhid Islam
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Why the double post? You wont get more answers by doing that.

My bad, I apologize. Didn’t realize it would constitute as double post since they were in two different threads/topics. Now I know. Thanks.

Towhid Islam