How do I setup multiple companies on same box

two questions

1 how would I best set up multiple companies at different physical locations with the same server. do I use ring groups? Trunks? Extensions? Each extention will be the DID. In other words the extention name will be the (xxx)xxx-xxxx.

2 How do I set 4 incoming DIDs to ring in a hunt group? is it with extensions?


This is actually pretty easy. Just get a different DID for each of the companies. You then use the Inbound Routes so that when someone calls that DID number it goes to the IVR or ring group for that company. Essentially the DID defines the company. You can have a huge number of companies on the same server.

So Companies A, B, C, and D. I set up ring group A for CO A, ring group B for Company B … and so on.

Then for the hunt groups set my extension so if 1 is busy it goes to 2 if 2 is busy it goes to three and so on.

Am I correct?


My experience has been that you should set-up one machine for each location. Otherwise, you have a bunch of remote extensions which causes all manner of problems.

If you want to share inbound calls, do that at the provider level. For example, will allow you to set-up ring groups that can route calls to multiple locations. Callcentric lets you do the same thing with call treatments.

In addition, you can set-up an IAX trunk between the machines at each location for intercom functionality.

I got the impression you want to answer several companies at one location, and that will work. If you want the phones to roll to someone else’s extension if Company A’s person doesn’t answer, that works too. You may want to configure the alert Info so they’re aware that a different company’s line is ringing into their phone.

Certainly doing remote phones has some additional issues but it’s do-able provided there’s a dependable Internet connection between the various locations. And I prefer a VPN between them and the phone system to make it more secure.