How do i set up call forwarding for a terminated employee (not from ucp)?

hi, a user has left the company and i need to forward their calls to an external number. i know i could do this in ucp, but i would need to login as the user to ucp.

how can i do the same thing (but as an admin) without having to enable their login account and login as them?

thanks in advance and happy holidays!

Change the ‘unavailable’’ destination away from vmail.

dicko, are you referring to advanced/optional destinations? if so, what do i send it to so that the call if forwarded to an external number?

I would try ‘Custom destination’ enter number followed by #

i don’t see “custom destination”…i do see “misc destination”? is that it?

Probably :–)

hi, thanks for sticking with me. i created a misc destination with the number 1234569999# then, i went to extension/advanced/option destinations/not reachable and set the destination to the misc dest i just created. (i made sure there are no devices login into that extension)
now, when i dial the number, i get the “call cannot be completed as dialed” message…clearly i am doing something wrong, but not sure what.

Me neither, maybe use a follow-me and disable voicemail

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The easiest method and probably already enabled on your PBX is to use the “Call Forwarding Prompting” Options (All, Busy & Unavailable selections are available). The default would be *93… the system will then prompt you to enter which extension you want to forward, and then where you want to forward it.

reconwireless, thanks…i guess this is not such a simple question. i can see how it might be done they way you describe…i was hoping there was a straight forward way for an admin to do this in the gui. i want the result to be as if the user logged into ucp and set the call forwarding options there.

is there no way for an admin to do this?

As @dicko said, in the Extension Module - disable the extension voicemail, enable follow me set ‘initial ring time’ to 0, enter the external number in the follow me, followed by #, ensure the ‘play music on hold’ option is set to ‘ring,’ turn off ‘confirm calls,’ set ‘ring time’ to 60, and set ‘destination if not answered’ to either ‘hangup’ or another alternative destination that makes sense for you.

Alternatively, you can create a UCP login for your administrator and then authorize the admin to manage ‘Extension Settings,’ which includes Call Forwarding for the users that they may need to manage. That way, they will not have to log in as that user but can control that User’s Extension, call forwarding settings, within their own UCP account.

You don’t need # in misc destinations.

There are many ways to reach the end goal. But your requirement to use UCP is limiting yourself.

The post has (not from ucp) in the title?

hi, thanks, but i did not say i had to use UCP, i said that i wanted a solution LIKE UCP that an admin could use.

reconwireless, thanks i used your follow me recommendation and it worked great…THANKS!

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