How do I set rapid dial keys for contacts in DPMA

I have created a phonebook with several external numbers. I would like to assign them as rapid dials on my D40s. For example, pressing “2” then dial number 515-555-1234. I can not seem to find how to do that using either the phone interface or DPMA. Is this possible?

Look in “feature codes”. There should be a “speeddial prefix” in there.

Thanks for the reply. That method will work on each phone, but I’m looking to assign numbers in a phonebook in DPMA to a rapid dial key. I have 10 phones that need the same speed dials. If I can do it in DPMA it take a 10th the time.

That is handled through a separate contacts.xml file that you can specify in DPMA for each phone. The same file can be configured on each phone:



Where the contacts.xml file exists in the directory specified by file_directory in [general]