How do i save preferences in Zulu?

(Tony Guadagno) #1

hi we are testing zulu and are on the current version (3.5.0) my users noticed that they can change preferences (like input and output audio etc) however, there does not seem to be a way to save these settings…when they exit/reboot the settings are back to default.

how do you save these settings?


(Sergio Lobera) #2

Hi, we know about this issue, we opened an internal ticket with our developers in order to solve this.
I will let you know when this is done.


(Tony Guadagno) #3

Sergio, thanks for the update!!! I await your fix…

(Tony Guadagno) #4

h, any word on when this might get fixed, it is a pain point for us…is there a bug that i could follow?

(Sergio Lobera) #5

@tonyg can you try to upgrade? This was just fixed.

fwconsole ma upgrade zulu

(Tony Guadagno) #6

Sergio, i am currently on, does that include the new feature?

(Sergio Lobera) #7

Sorry, my bad Tony, what you need to upgrade is your Zulu desktop app ->

Download the latest version from there and try.

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