How do I restore a down system from backup?

Everything I am find says you must restore your backup back to a system that is on the exact same version so if the crash happens and you haven’t done all the updates how are you supposed to restore the system from backup? When you rebuild the machine and do all the updates the new machine would not be on the same release levels.

I need to understand this because when the time comes I don’t want to be burned and have to spend days rebuilding a system from scratch.

I’m working with PBXact UC 14

Ideally you want to restore to the exact same version that the backup came from, but that is not critical. It is critical that you restore to the same major version that the backup came from, i.e. 13.x -> 13.x or 14.x -> 14.x.

So you are saying as long as they are both on like 14.0.x.x the restore should work? I was testing this process on a UC75 I just purchased trying to restore from a UC40 backup would that work or does it have to be the same hardware? When I import the backup file it doesn’t seem to do anything.

Another example would be the client outgrows their system and needs to upgrade from UC40 to UC75 or even a 100 what is the best way to handle this? Restore or another?

I found my issue and that was importing a backup file doesn’t work. I created a FTP server and then was able to pull the backup file to restore the system from.

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I run FreePBX on ESXi and I use ghettovcb to image the system. Far quicker restores than fiddling around with anything else.

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