How do I playback system recordings?

I’m using FreePBX, and I need to update a few system recordings. I opened “system recordings” under Admin, and I can see my recordings there. Most of them were imported from an older version of Asterisk/Freepbx, and they don’t show “supported languages”. When I click on the edit button for a file, I see (in the “File List for English” section) the following:

"You have a missing file for this language…

And no play button for the recording.

I do see the play button for other recordings that were made with this version of Freepbx.

Is there a way to convert the older files so they can be used with the new version of freepbx?

Just to make sure: The system plays them fine when someone calls, I just can’t hear them when I try to determine which files I have to change/replace.

Ok, found the answer. I was looking where the sound files for the system recordings are stored, and found 2 different locations:

/var/lib/asterisk/sounds/custom and /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/en/custom

The first one contained the older files (from before upgrade), the second one contains the new files (created with the new system). Just copying the old files to the new location seems to have fixed the issue.

You can use the above for a transcript of any given file. You can also listen but they don’t use the Allison Smith sound files which are what Asterisk uses by default so they are in a different (tts?) voice.

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