How do I originate a call within the FreePBX 14 UCP

I mentioned in my post (now resolved) about UCP data that I cannot find where to originate a call in the new UCP.

In FreePBX 13 I could click on the gear at the top right and originate a call.

I cannot find where to do this in the new UCP. I enabled every widget and cannot find anything. I know I can dial contacts, but that is not what I want.

There is no way to do this at the current time.

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Alrighty then. FOP2 it is for me until this is added back.

It seems that originate call is mostly implemented in v14. Because if I click on a (incoming) phone number I do get the option to “originate call” which also works just fine. This also works for our contact manager contacts. So this feature is kinda working.

The only thing that is missing is: use a custom number for originate calls.