How do i NOT answer a POTS line

I have successfully configured our Fax line to be used as a backup outbound line for asterisk/freepbx. We have a dedicated fax machine, and I do not wish to integrate fax services with asterisk. The problem I’m running into is that the fax machine is not successfully receiving faxes because asterisk/freepbx is picking up after 2 rings and hitting my catch-all inbound route and going to the IVR. I’ve been looking around, and maybe i’m looking too hard, but I can’t seem to find a way to tell asterisk to not answer this line or to wait 10 rings or something like that.

My goal is to simply add the Fax line as an emergency 911 and failover if our SIP/internet trunk goes down. Any suggestions on how to accomplish this? If there is documentation on this, I’d be happy to read if you could point me in that direction! Thanks for your help.


1 - If you haven’t already, configure the Fax FXO channel with a DID using the “Zap Channel DIDs” module.

2- Define an inbound route that catches all calls to the DID defined above and use the “pause before answer” field with a number large enough that will permit your fax machine to get the call before the PBX


My man, that was it. Created a DID of my fax line, and set the pause before answer to 120, I can now receive faxes just fine as long as the fax transmission is less than 2 minutes.

Thanks for your help!