How do I make macro-outbound-callerid-custom work?

I need some code to be executed in [macro-outbound-callerid], so I figured I’d add this to [macro-outbound-callerid-custom] context.

I added the following stuff into extensions_custom.conf:

[macro-outbound-callerid-custom] exten => s,1,Noop(CALLERID=${CALLERID(all)})

Reload asterisk, but nothing happens in the log file, though I can see that the macro-outbound-callerid context is called, but my custom stuff isn’t.

What am I doing wrong here? Maybe I’m missing one tiny piece of information…

That’s because you put it as S.

What else would I put there?

The expression to match digits. Most FreePBX contexts pass the exten variable, not the S.

After noticing this is a macro and how macros work (only the ‘s’ exten is allowed), together with how asterisk works when including contexts in macros, I found this post:

So I think I’ll have to do this custom stuff in overrides… Not the way I want to do it but that should work.

Nevertheless: Thanks!

Ok, I never call the macro’s directly. Try and hand it off to the context above the macro and let FreePBX do the heavy lifting.