How do i install this portion of superfecta

I want to install this “Send to MQTT” in my Superfecta.

@lgaetz says download the Superfecta module, but I already have CID Superfecta, just need the ‘send to mqtt’. Or will the wget only install THIS mqtt module ?

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Confusing wording on my part. Superfecta is a FreePBX module, but Superfecta itself is also modular, so there are separate modules for each lookup source within Superfecta. The command line instructions to the linked post will install the mqtt module for Superfecta.

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thank you very much for the prompt and precise reply.

installed the module, setup the module - doesn’t seem to work, I’ve made a change in the Freepbx gui which needed an “apply”, am I missing something else ? a reload of some kind ?

To my knowledge you are the first person to test. I don’t recall it being discussed before, and the orig author never contributed it using You might want to ping them via github.

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