How do I install modules if there is no connection to the Internet?


I’ve got FreePBX on a server that has no connection to the Internet (security reason, etc.). I need to add more modules, for instance a module that allows users call redirection. How do I do that? Again, there’s no way to get Internet access from server that hosts FreePBX.
Thanks in advance!

You need to get to a PC that does have an Internet Connection and download the modules you want from the FreePBX repositories. Hopefully this one PC will have a network connection to your FreePBX system or burn them to a CD or somehow get them onto a directory on your FreePBX system.

Under Module Admin, you can upload local Module files easily. This option should be easily seen on the web GUI and after you have uploaded them you can then install them.

If you don’t have an Internet connection anywhere, you have a problem!

You’ll need to Google or search the FreePBX site for the location of their Modules repository. I do not know off the top of my head where it is, but have downloaded modules from FreePBX before.


I’ve found it right here
I did as you told me, and now it works :slight_smile: