How do I install Commercial modules on a non-distro build on Ubuntu?

I have FreePBX 13.09 running on Asterisk 13 on Ubuntu 14.04
This is not a distro. It was manually built.

How do I install commercial modules? The support pages for Sangoma only detail how to add the commercial modules into RHEL builds.

Many thanks in advance.


Does not work with ubuntu only supports the official version with Centos .

Thanks for your help.

Not the answer I was hoping for but I know that’s not your fault. :frowning:

Don’t suppose there is an XMPP or Endpoint Manager module available that can be installed on a Ubuntu build?

Look this:

Commercial Modules
Commercial modules and add-ons are not currently supported on the Ubuntu platform. Commercial Modules can be purchased in the FreePBX Distro Market Place and are only supported on the FreePBX Distro platform.

Thanks for that. I was hoping maybe for a non-commercial XMPP module???

I have found the OSS Endpoint Manager so that’s at least 1 off the list. :slight_smile: