How do I increse drive space in freepbx


Well,maybe you should have put in a 4 t driive,or think about converting them to a compressed format.

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I use WINSCP to move, copy, delete files from my Linux computer… makes it much easier for windows people. :slight_smile:
you can edit text files using it as well. rather than VI editor…


Given what I have heard, with the “Windows Subsystem for Linux” you no longer have to struggle with winscp,putty , filezilla, vi etc, as cp, mv, nano, rm, rsync, ssh, rsync to mention the obvious ones are all now native to windoze.

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this will transfer all recordings to newer drive right?? so will i be able to access older recordings and newer once as well??



rsync -av --progress /var/spool/asterisk/monitor /mnt/sdb

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sorry for another question but this will make space in main drive and transfer recordings to 2nd drive also save recordings to 2nd drive but it will fill 2nd drive . is this possible to add drive without transfer recording to new drive please? also access old recordings through cdr reports.


File take up space,either on the old r new drive, if your old 1T drive filled up, then a new 1T will obviously also be mostly as full, why did you not think to get a bigger one?

cdr reports access file through whatever ASTSPOOLDIR is defined as so if you use as suggested


and all your recordings are there then yes cdr reports well, if you split your files up, then no you wont, it’s your choice. If you decide to archive, then consider using a compressed format to save space, you wont be able to use the cdr reporting on those files however.

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ok so i need to get bigger drive for recording then mount it ,transfer all data to it right ??


That would be the easiest way for you.

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LOL #Nice

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