How do I Give End User the Ability to Change Their Conference Password?

I needed a conference manager to give the end users a way to manage their conferences. FOP2 does everything I wanted so far, except letting the user change their conference access password.

Maybe I am searching in the wrong place. Can a conference manager such as FOP2 even do that?

You could look at Conference Pro module. That is one of the features it allows.

Hey Tony! Thanks for the recommendation. I bought Conference Pro (CP), and got it working. It’s good but it doesn’t save the settings, only the PINs. Do my users have to set all the options every time?

I went through and set up every conference in FreePBX with join/leave, MOH, and a couple other options, but those don’t show on the CP page. It seems like every time anyone logs into the Conference Pro page, they are all set to ‘no’. This would be horrible if it didn’t save the PINs, but it does, so it’s just irritating.

Do I have something set wrong? Is CP supposed to save all the settings? Is there some reason it didn’t recognize the settings I made in FreePBX (except for the PINs)?

I sat down with a couple users to show them how to use CP and a couple of them DID show the settings I made in FreePBX. It’s a mystery. Can you shed any light on this?

I just installed the brand new FreePBX ISO, that I downloaded a week or so ago.
(FreePBX is licensed under the GPL Copyright© 2013)

I installed FOP2 from yum, and paid for it and applied the license.

I took your recommendation and tried several times to figure out how to buy Conf Pro. After a week of trying to figure it out and giving up and trying again, I IM’ed your support chat, and he told me how to buy it. I got CP working.

I set up extensions, and conference rooms with PINs and several options as ‘yes’, and I set up FOP2 groups and users.

I’d be surprized if CP is not supposed to use the settings. Maybe it’s designed that way, or maybe I have something set wrong. ?

Can you hit up support at and they can assist you.