How do I get the *0 zaptel functionality back?

Hi. I am using a recent 1.4 version of asterisk and freepbx is not allowing me to use *0 to flash my fxo line on my x400p Digium card. It looks like the bad number include is messing me up – how would I fix this so *0 is not intercepted?


if you are trying to transmit *0 down an outbound route, then define it in the route. If you are trying to use a feature code then take a look at the new features.conf file and you should be able to determine from there which _custom include file you should be able to add it to.

But Its not a route I am trying to send the *0 to – its just a trunk and its not a feature code either. Its something built into the asterisk code. What I want to do is change bad number so it lets this through – is there a way to do this which will survive an upgrade, or do I have to change the php file itself?

there is an amportal.conf configuration that will remove the bad number context, AMPBADNUMBER=false. But that sounds surprising to me what you describe. But try it and regenerate your configuration if it fixes things.

Yep, that fixed it – thanks.