How do I get a phone number and make it so it can take an unlimited amout of incoming calls

I am noticing most carriers have 2-3 channels, and once those channel are used you cannot recieve any more calls. How do most business get around that. Is that something i can fix with free pbx or is that something that i would need to fix with a different carrier?

Some carriers have a plan with unlimited channels and you pay by the minute.

Other carriers charge by the channel.

FreePBX doesn’t place any limits.

I get around it by paying for the service I require from my SIP vendor. You get what you pay for and there is no free lunch. If you pay for 1 trunk you get 1 call, 2 trunks 2 calls.

Getting around it just takes some communication as most providers are happy to work with businesses to meet their needs. Off the top of my head and for example only, offers 10 channels by default, with more upon request. On the outbound side, voxbeam offers 50 channels with a $50 credit balance and also more if requested.

Voip.MS offers 5 channels by default, and will only increase the channels if you request them and they feel an increase is justified by your usage patterns.

Callcentric will increase channels in exchange for additional payment.