How do I forward calls to external numbers?

How do I forward calls to external numbers?

I would like to have a “Press 250 for sales” and forward that
to a cell phone…and “Press 0” for the operator…and forward
that to a answering service.


it kind of depends where you are doing that, but, for example, if you add:


as a ringgroup option, it will call that number as if made from a local extension with whatever routing you have setup.


Hi, I need some help on this,
i want to forward calls to a remote number and press 201 as extension… to reach me.
I’ve triedputting this into the follow me page
ie. 17732641234#201#
but it trip out the #201#

The Dial cmd have an D option, that would pass a dtmf after dial the number. is there any ways to add this into the forwarding ?
Thanks in advance for any suggestion.

w for wait should work if it’s an analog zaptel.

add wwww to wait longer…

This works for my users…

Add an Extension type MIsc Device…

In Device place this string…

Local/[email protected]

Follow the Dial rules for your box when you enter the number to be dialed.


Thanks for your response, i’m using this version freePBX 2.2.0rc3, i can not find the Extension type MIsc Device… .

I also try putting 1234567890www201# in the follow me page, but once saved it took the wwww out…
Any suggestion? It probably be done in a custom-context?

in the 2.2 branch the latest is 2.2.3. You are running pre-release software that is known to have many bugs that have been fixed since it’s release.

It is recommended that you upgrade to the latest branch if possible.

It is very hard to take a look at the code and determine why it is afting the way to describe when there have been so many changes to it between then and now.