How do i configure 'Inbound Routes' for GoIP


I am struggling to understand the basics of how to configure a GoIP GSM trunk using Elastix/FreePBX, and am looking for some help.

I’ve created a trunk, outbound and inbound routes, and configured the GoIP device by following a number of tutorials.

Calls can now be made and received, which is great, but the ‘Inbound Routes’ seems to have no effect on incoming calls.

All of the tutorials I’ve seen configure the GoIP device to ‘forward’ calls to a SIP extension or ring group, and I think this is the reason incoming calls are not being handled correctly?

If I disable the GoIP ‘Forward to VoIP’ setting, the incoming call is answered immediately by GoIP and I hear the asterisk dial-tone, and can then dial extensions.

I’m not sure which way to go. How do i configure the incoming GoIP calls to be handled by inbound routes?


Inbound routes will only be used if the incoming calls arrive in context ‘from-trunk’ or ‘from-pstn’ and a handful of other pre-defined contexts. What context are you using for GoIP?