How do I clear Bad FreePBX's assigned to me?

I am cleaning up my account on and I have several deployments registered to me that are bogus - no commercial modules means (for me) that they never got used - we always use at least Sysadmin Pro and Endpoint Manager - Is there any way to delete them?

Here is what one of them looks like, but I have quite a few:

So like I said, I never used them because we have been using EPM forever - I have flagged them as junk, but the OCD in me would like to be able to nuke them off my account. Possible?

Deployments can be deleted by an administrator. You can request this by opening a ticket of type ‘Customer Service & Billing’:

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Thanks - I will!

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Super annoying by the way.

Especially for someone that spins up test systems.

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