How do i call an IVR internaly?

I want to set up an IVR and call it from an internal extension, this is not obviously possible and there seems to be no documentation on it?


Create a miscellaneous destination pointed at the IVR.

yes I have read that but there is little to actualy explain the two fields.


What’s description, and what’s dial?

And how do you call the miscellaneous destination??


Sorry it’s misc. applications. Did you notice it suggests this in the instruction on the misc. destinations page?

I had missed the sugestion, too many things on line sugested Misc Dest and it seemed to be totaly inaccurate so was not paying much attention.

Will look again at MiscApp later.

Instead last night I configured a virtual extension, wich just forwarded ( No answer, Busy, Unavailable ) to the IVR. That worked ok for initial testing.



In the time you did all that you could have looked at Misc. apps. Put in the extension number and then select the destination from a drop down. Could not be easier.

well it worked and only took a moment.

tested Misc App and yes that does work fine.