How do I apply this patch to freepbx 2.5?

to fix call recordings in GSM format


Joe, did you READ the posting and patch file???

I mean READ it and then you should know what to do.

You have been hanging around here a long time Joe, it still appears the little things get you.

Maybe time to sign up for a class or two, you think???

As my friend always told me… read the man pages.

man patch

If you actually read/view the patch file and look at it you will notice it is a VERY VERY minor single line edit. It will swap two characters that were a typo in the line.

So if you were desperate you could edit the file in question, find the typo at that line and swap them… Or as kb9mwr pointed out use man which explains the patch command.

It’s kind of waste to re-type it here as that covers it in nice detail…