How do I add a queuelog event

So in building an ivr,
I want to do a queuelog(5000,${uniqueid},NONE,INFO,TAG|mytag)
than move the call to Queue 5000,

I build a custom destination as 50001 that should do it but its not, Thats not an option for Custom Destinations in the ivr module.

Any other idea?

I added the custom Extensions under admin, Custom Extensions, Not in the Extensions than custom type if that makes any different.

I rewrote it as a custom application and I believe that works.

Whats the purpose of custom extensions if you can’t use them anywhere? What am I missing

The Custom Extensions module provides you with a facility to register any custom extensions or feature codes that you have created in a custom script or dialplan when the PBX doesn’t otherwise know about them. This makes the Extension Registry aware of your own extensions so it can detect conflicts or report information about your custom extensions to other modules. Also, this helps prevent you from creating a duplicate extension number somewhere else in the PBX.

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