How do dial an existing extension from a dialplan - SIP configuration?

Hi All,

I’m new to FreePBX. I’ve got the system up and running, I’ve got extensions connecting and they can dial each other internally - I don’t have external connection set up yet. I’m creating a custom dial plan and want to dial an existing extension (internal). Do I need to set up SIP for that to work? If so, how do I just set it up for internal dialing?

For example:

Dial(SIP/103) does not work b/c I don’t have SIP set up. Is there a different format for just internal dialing?


For local internal extensions try the format:

local/[email protected]
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All of your internal extensions are sip as well.
See Asterisk Info / Chan_sip info.
you don’t need an outbound route.

When I need to call an extension from a dialplan, I use the local/… syntax as well, but that’s because I have SCCP and SIP (and DAHDI on a couple of servers) extensions and don’t want to have to just through a bunch of code to get to a simple extension. The nice thing about local/… is that is works pretty well most of the time.

Thank you all for the responses. Turns out that my extensions were using PJSIP not SIP so the dial code had to be PJSIP/### not SIP/###.